Why Enticify for Commerce Server?

Simple. Get the promotional firepower you need, on the Commerce Server store you have.

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You want auto gift with purchase

Don't make your customer do the legwork. Make gifting easy. They add the qualifying item to their basket, Enticify adds the gift! Configure gift with purchase promotions right inside Marketing Manager and we'll take care of the basket add and remove! Easy for your customers and easy for you.

You'd like to offer bundle discounts

Offer percentage, amount off and price point bundles when a customer buys a set of products you specify. Configure these bundle offers in Marketing Manager. Use the powerful catalogue expressions to configure creative bundles.

You want to advertise offers across your site

Improve promotion uptake and eradicate manual admin by advertising the promotions for a product automatically in your search result, category and product pages. Use Marketing Manager to configure which promotions you want to advertise in this way.

You'd like to have price point discounts

Finally, you can offer promotions like 3 for $20! or All accessories $15 for the next hour!. UK retailers like Tesco use these to great effect with CDs and DVDs. You know, the one where you end up with the two movies you wanted and a Steven Seagal flick you'll never watch!?

You want more shipping discount options

Discount by shipping method and create other shipment specific discounts using Enticify shipment expressions. Do you have multiple shipments? We let you qualify a discount on a per-shipment basis so you don't lose money.

You'd like to offer gift and discount choices

Offer your customers a selection of gifts when they qualify. Or offer them a selection of discounted items (% $ or price point). Great for offering a gift that comes in difference sizes of colours, tailoring to different groups (like men and women) or offering companion product discounts (like discounted batteries with a toy).

You want to increase average order value

Tell your customers how many more items to add for a multibuy, or how much more they need to spend to qualify for a discount. Make it easy for them to complete the deal. We provide quantity and amount distance information to you.

You'd like per discount price ordering

Sometimes you want to discount the cheapest item, sometimes the most expensive. You no longer have to pick one or the other! Set a default (usually cheapest) and then override the default on a per discount basis!

You want to tier multiple discounts

Give your customers more when they spend more. Or just make certain discounts mutually exclusive. Easy to configure in Marketing Manager and works independently of normal interaction settings, so you wont have to worry about them.

You'd like to better understand your discounts

Discounts are complicated! Sometimes you just can't figure out why it's not working how you expect. Enticify provides a step-by-step log of the promotion application process, right down to the individual item quantity! Our detailed diagnostics mean you'll never be lost again.

You want a product with a proven record

Enticify has been run in production since 2011 with big names in retail. You can read about some of them in our case studies and there are more live, but not yet public. We've handled big Christmas sales and extremely popular discount runs.

You'd like to be up and running quickly

Get up and running in no time. We've invested heavily in making sure Enticify plugs straight into Commerce Server. We could work with many systems, but we have a special connector for Commerce Server. Your tech guys will know what to do.

You want the flexibility to pay as you go

Enticify is provided on a monthly subscription from as little as 1 month! No big up-front cost for you, just plug and play. Choose how much support you want and whether you want all new releases or not. We've a plan to suit your needs.

You'd like to get continuous improvements

Commerce Server is a very flexible platform with discounts being the one exception. You've already customised Commerce Server to your needs, why not get the one last piece of the puzzle? We are constantly developing Enticify and want to innovate for you.