Evaluate Enticify for Commerce Server

Thanks for evaluating Enticify.

This page pulls together links from the Enticify User Documentation and the Enticify Developer Documentation so you can easily access the information you need to evaluate Enticify. Please contact us if you get stuck and we'll update the docs ASAP.

This page is for Enticify for Commerce Server 2007 and 2009.

Evaluation Pre-Requisites

  • Install and integrate Enticify into your Commerce Server 2007 or 2009 website.

Try New Promotions

Enticify has new promotions that Commerce Server sites want and need. Try them out. Also, tell us what else you want!.

Use Marketing Manager to...

Create a Fixed Price Discount. For example, 3 DVDs for $20.

Create a Gift with Purchase Promotion. For example, Buy a tent, automatically get a free sleeping bag gift.

Write some code to...

Customize an automatically added basket line.

You need more ways to communicate promotions to customers. We've got you covered.

Configure a discount for explicit shout out and then use the Promo Shout Out Service in your code to tell the customer about the promotion on your product or listing pages.

Current release works with CS2007 Product objects only, CS2009 in the next point release. If you would like early access to the point release please contact us.

Use the Rich Application Data to Upsell

The promotion process is no longer a black box. Get all the date you need for your customer communication and accounting needs.

Enticify provides a lot of promotion application data. Use our Commerce Server OrderForm extension method GetPromotionApplicationEvents to check for InsufficientConditionItems events. These contain BasketItemsUpsell objects you can use to upsell.

Below is a gist demonstrating the use of InsufficientConditionItems:

Want to Try Some More?

Have a look on our feature list and tell us what you'd like to see in this guide.