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Gift Promotions

This guide contains in-depth information about gift promotions.


What happens if a customer adds a product to their basket that also happens to be the free gift product of a free gift promotion?

If a user adds a product that is also the SKU used in a gift promotion, the product they add will be at its normal price. The product they add will not be set to free, even if they also manually added the product that qualifies them for that gift. In this circumstance, Enticify will add a new free line. Of course, the customer can choose to remove the line they added (at the normal price).

Enticify adds each gifted item as a new line item in the basket. It also marks this line as gifted so that you can distinguish the gifted lines from the non-gifted lines, using code in your site. All of this is managed by Enticify. If the customer chooses to add the line themselves, we assume they have a good reason for this and leave it alone.

Our customers can increment and decrement the basket line quantity one at a time. If the customer has multiple free gifts and we decrement the qualifying product by one, will the gift quantity also decrement?

Yes. Enticify will correctly manage the quantity of free gift lines, even if you decrement or increment the quantity by one (or any other number).