Developer Documentation

Enticify Features

Maximise on your current Commerce Server investment. Get the missing features you need to do reach the targets you have.

Read about Enticify's 10+ headline features below.

Promo Shout Out API

Dynamically promote your active discounts on product and search results pages. Use our fast Promo Merchandising API to show the relevant promotion information in all the right places.

Promotions by Product. Give us a CS Product object and we'll give you back all of the promotions that product features in. We tell you if it features as a condition, award or both.

Sale sticker using Promo Shout Out API

Sale sticker using Promo Shout Out API

Auto-Added Gift with Purchase

Automatically add free gifts to a customers basket when they buy certain things or meet certain conditions. For example Buy lipstick and mascara, get a free makeup bag.

Customise the auto-added line with your own IAutoAddedGiftLineItemUpdater implementations.

Basket with auto-added gift line

Basket with auto-added gift line

Price Point Discounts

Create price point discounts like 3 for $20.

Price point discounts are also known as "Fixed Price Discounts".

Real-Time Promotion Events

Subscribe to promotion events as they happen, or get them all from the OrderForm at the end.

Enticify Promotion Events Namespace

Enticify Promotion Events Namespace

Multi-Buy Auto-Complete

Make your customers shopping and checkout experience better, by using our multi-buy auto-complete feature. Imagine "3 for 2 on perfume". When the customer has one pair in their basket, we will notify them of the promotion and they can one click auto-complete!

Discount Qualification Distance

Tell customers when they partially qualify for any promotion.

Money Distance tells you how much more they need to spend to qualify.

Quantity Distance tells you them how much more they need to buy to qualify.

Dynamic Promo Sales Messages (per Distance!)

Encourage your customers to complete the promotion requirements with distance specific messages. As they get closer to the deal you can give them more specific encouragement!

Multiple Shipment Discounts

Shipment discounts apply per shipment. Commerce Server will qualify a shipment discount once, and apply the award to all shipments (which is rarely what you want).

Shipment Targeting Expressions

  • You create a Profile Definition named Shipment, with properties for Shipping Method Id etc (we can provide a Profile Schema for this).
  • You create Target Expressions with names that start with Shipment_.
  • You use these Shipment target expressions as Eligibility expressions for your shipping discounts.
  • Enticify understands the Shipment_ naming convention and uses the expressions on a per-shipment basis and NOT as normal eligibility expressions.

Reliable Rounding

Enticify rounding is accurate regardless of the discounted items being on different lines and remains accurate even with multiple applications of the same discount. Commerce Server rounds at the line item level. This results in rounding drift and order totals off by pennies. Annoying.

Per-Discount Price Order

Discount the cheapest first or the most expensive first on a per-discount basis. You can choose. Commerce Server has one global option.

Flexible Customisation Options

Have custom requirements? No problem. We can change all aspects of the engine, including:

  • Rounding rules
  • Tax handling
  • Discount interaction policies
  • Discount application policies
  • Margin limits
  • Etc...

Pipeline Component Integration

Enticify is plug and play using custom pipeline components.

Commerce Server Order Form Support

Enticify updates the OrderForm data structures you already use in your site.