Developer Documentation

Enticify Integration Issues

This page lists solutions to initial integration issues you may encounter.

Value for key 'shipping_method_id' missing

After modifying your PCF files to include Enticify, you may get the following Exception:

Pipeline Error: Component Execution failed for component[0xD]  hr: 0x80004005
ProgID: Commerce.ShippingMethodRouter.1
Dictionary error: Value for key 'shipping_method_id' in dictionary '' missing (expected a variant of type 8)

This is caused by a known issue in the Commercer Server pipeline system.

Do this:

Install the Microsoft Hotfix and re-create the PCF file (sorry, it's required by the Hotfix, not us!).

Could not create Component. This may be a ... registration issue.

The following Exception may be thrown when you run an Enticify enabled pipeline for the first time:

Component Execution failed for component[0x0]  hr: 0x0
CLSID: {843F9B02-4C3C-4D40-87A8-0230F2935470}
Could not create Component .  This may be a component registration issue.

This usually means your Commerce Server website is running in an x64 process, but you've the x86 version of Enticify. The x86 and x64 component registrations live in different registry hives, to your x64 process can't see the x86 registrations.

Do this:

  • Uninstall Enticify.
  • Install Enticify using the Enticify.x64.msi installer.

Constructor Exception for type PromoApplicationContext

This could happen due to an unexpected Commerce Server configuration issue or a pipeline dictionary data corruption. We've all done crazy things in pipeline components and sometimes this can come back to haunt us!

Pipeline Error: Component Execution failed for component[0xE]  hr: 0x80131500
ProgID: Enticify.PipelineComponents.PromoEnginePipelineComponent
An exception was thrown while invoking the constructor 'Void .ctor(Enticify.Promotions.IBasketItemProvider, Enticify.Promotions.IPromoProvider, Enticify.Promotions.IContextItemFactory, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Enticify.Promotions.Runtime.IPromoFilter], System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Enticify.Promotions.PromoApplicationListener])' on type 'PromoApplicationContext'.

The problem with this exception is that you wont see the full stack trace due to the COM marshalling between the PCF and your website. We always need the stack trace in order to determine the underlying cause.

Do this:

  • Configure a TraceListener as described in Howto Create and Initialize Trace Listeners.
  • Re-create the crash.
  • Examine the log for the root exception and resolve it if you can.
  • If the issue is not obvious to you, contact us for support.

Other Issues

If you have any other issue, please get in touch with us. We're very happy to screen share and work through them with you.