Developer Documentation

Enticify Development Tasks Guide

This guide outlines the development tasks required in order to use specific Enticify features.

Where tasks are marked as Optional, it means you only need to do the work if you wish to use the feature in question.

Guide Assumptions

Integration Tasks (Required)

After installation, the first step you take is to integrate Enticify with your Commerce Server pipeline PCF files. Details of this are explained in the Commerce Server Integration Guide.

Simple Gift with Purchase Tasks (Optional)

A simple gift with purchase promotion is one with a single SKU that Enticify adds to the basket as soon as the customer qualifies. The Gift with Purchase Development Guide details all the development work required to add this promotion.

Gift with Purchase Selection Tasks (Optional)

The task details for usage of this promotion are in the Gift with Purchase Development Guide.

Promo Shout Out Tasks (Optional)

The task details for this feature can be found in the Promo Shout Out Service Development Guide.

Basket Upsell Message Tasks (Optional)

You create basket upsell messages by using the data contained in Enticify events, specifically the InsufficientConditionItems event. The user interface component of this is up to you. The development task options are detailed in the Promotion Events Development Guide.