Promotion Stacking Guide

Promotion stacking refers to a customer receiving multiple promotions on their order. The promtions stack up. Sometimes this is intended and desirable. Sometimes it's not!

You can control stacking with the following Enticify features:

Promotion Interaction Settings

In Marketing Manager, each discount has an Interaction tab. Use the checkboxes on this tab, to specify how the items used in the qualification or application of this discount, can be used by subsequent discounts. Refer to the Commerce Server discount interaction policies page for details, because Enticify matches their behaviour.

Important note. Some Commerce Server users avoid using interaction settings on their item discounts, because it prevents subtotal order discounts working as they want. The common issue is that item interactions result in items being excluded from the order subtotal. However, Enticify does things differently and excludes order subtotal discounts from the item level discount interaction results. Read the Enticify Style section for details. However, it means the following:

  • Interaction exclusions on item level discounts only impact other item level discounts.
  • By default, only a single order subtotal discount will apply. We won't stack order subtotal discounts.
  • By default, only a single shipping discount will apply. We won't stack shipping discounts.

Promotion Groups

You can make Enticify only apply one promotion from a group of promotions by using Promotion Groups.