Create Shipping Discounts

Example: Free Next Day Shipping

In this example you'll learn how to create a shipping discount that only applies to shipments with the Next Day Shipping shipping method id.

Create a shipping method id expression

  1. Get the Shipping Method Id for your Next Day Shipping option.
  2. Open Marketing Manager and navigate to the Expressions view.
  3. Click the Create new target expression task.
  4. Start the Expression name with Shipment_ and follow that with what you want (e.g. Shipment_NextDayShipping).
  5. In the Field column dropdown of the first Expression clauses table row, select Shipment.Shipping Method Id.
  6. Select Is equal to in the Condition column dropdown.
  7. Past the Shipping Method Id you got in step 1 into the Value column entry. Make sure you surround the id with curly braces e.g. {shippingmethodid}.
  8. Click OK. Shipping Method Id Discount Expression

Create the shipping discount

  1. Create your shipping discount as normal.
  2. Add the shipping method id expression you created previously to the discount Eligibility tab.
  3. Save and Approve!
Shipping discount with shipping method id expression

Shipping discount with shipping method id expression

Enticify Shipping Discount Application Behaviour

A shipping promotion can apply once per shipment.

Purchase conditions must be met within the shipment for the discount to be qualified. Therefore, a given shipment must contain all of the items needed to qualify for a discount, in order to then receive the shipping cost reduction.

Commerce Server will qualify a shipping discount using all basket items from all shipments and then apply the discount to all of the shipment costs. This can result in a customer getting deep discounts and you facing lots of shipping costs. Hence, the Enticify approach.

This is the only difference right now. However, we have new shipping discount features in the pipeline. Additionally, the Enticify engine is open for customisation and application algorithm choices, so if you'd like another approach let us know!