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Select Gift with Purchase Promotion

Use Marketing Manager to create a gift selection promotion. These are promotions with a free gift award that must be selected from a list by the customer before Enticify add's it to their basket.

Enticify allows you to create these gift selection promotions using Marketing Manager despite the fact that Commerce Server does not specifically support them.

Read this guide to learn the following:

  • The initial discount creation wizard steps required for a gift selection promotion.
  • The modifications you'll need to make to the initially created discount.

1. Initial Wizard Steps

  1. Open Commerce Server Marketing Manager.
  2. Right click All Discounts and click Create new discount.
  3. Click Next to exit the Welcome screen.
  4. Select the Customer you require and click Next.
  5. Select the Campaign you require and then click Next.
  6. Enter a Discount Name including the text "select gift" (case is ignored).
  7. Fill in the other Discount Properties as required and click Next.
  8. Select Paired Discount Type and click Next.
  9. Select the condition Product (that must be purchased) and click Next.
  10. Select the gift Any Products (we'll change this to a list later) and click Next.
  11. No need to change Discount Value properties as these are ignored by Enticify, just click Next.
  12. Set the Basket Limit as required.
  13. Set the Award Limit to the quantity of the gift item you want added to the basket.
  14. Complete the rest of the discount wizard as required.

2. Modify the Award Expression to be a SKU List

  1. Set the Receive (award) to Discount Specific Expression.
  2. Press the Select button.
  3. Configure the expression as a product list expression (this is an Enticify concept) as follows:
    1. Add a clause for Field Product.Product ID with Condition Is Equal To and set the Value to your product ID.
    2. Add a clause for Field Product.CatalogName with Condition Is Equal To and set the Value to the catalog name.
    3. If you wish to add a variant for this product id:
      • Add a clause for Field Product.Variant ID with Condition Is Equal To and set the Value to the variant ID.
      • Add more variants if you want.
    4. Repeat steps a-c for each product you wish to include in the list.

The following image shows an example SKU list expression. It contains two products, the first with 2 variants and the second with 3 variants. This would result in a list of 5 choices for the customer.

Gift list expression

Gift list expression