Create Bundle Discounts

Enticify supports the creation of bundle discounts. A bundle discount requires the customer to purchase a combination of different products. This combination will qualify the discount and receive the discount. For example: Get 20% off Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Wendy when purchased together.

This type of promotion is not possible in Commerce Server without Enticify.

Bundle Discount Restrictions

Bundle configuration via Marketing Manager is currently limited to bundle constituent quantities of one. You can create a bundle like Buy 1 ProductX, 1 ProductY and 1 ProductZ for $500 but you can't configure the same with quantities greater than one. This is a limitation in the current convention and could be lifted. Let us know if you want this.

Configuring a Bundle

You configure a bundle by using a discount name convention and a catalog expression convention. The discount name convention tells Enticify it is a bundle. The catalog expression convention lists the bundle constituents.

Enticify will treat the discount as a bundle when the following is true:

  • The discount Name includes the word bundle (case ignored). E.g. Belt, bag and broch bundle.
  • The Receive (award) of the discount definition is a bundle expression.

Configuring the Bundle Discount Type

Percentage or amount off bundles: Configure the discount as you would any other discount. You just set the Receive (award) Get to Amount off or Percentage off.

Fixed price bundles: You can configure a fixed price bundle. For example, Buy these skis, boots and poles for $500. Configure the bundle as described previously, but also inlcude fixed price in the discount name. The following name would work: Fixed price skis boots and poles bundle.

Creating a Bundle Catalog Expression

A bundle catalog expression is an expression that Enticify treats as a list of 2 or more expressions. These sub-expressions within an expression are used by Enticify to select the bundle constituents.

Bundle catalog expression rules:

  • All bundle constituents will have a quantity of 1 (this is a limitation of the current convention rather than Enticify).
  • Bundle constituent sub-expressions are delimited by an Or. Everytime Enticify encounters at Or in the expression, it splits the expression at that point and considers it the selector for a new bundle constituent.

Bundle catalog expression example:

Consider the following discount:

Get $85 off this boots, bag and belt bundle.

This bundle is made up of 3 products. Therefore, uou would specify the 3 product Ids using a catalog expression convention as follows:

Bundle discount catalog expression convention example

Bundle discount catalog expression convention example

When the customer purchases these three items, they will get $85 off the items.